June 10, 2023

Locations played Alphaville

Following the release of their new single, "Better Days," Locations headlined Alphaville and put on a loud show full of huge riffs and killer fills.

Brooklyn's Locations, the duo of Tom and Nico, have been blazing up a storm in the local scene for several years and now and their live shows are a highlight that are not to be missed. Their guitar and drums pairing and dueling vocal work make for a total non-stop force of action as they blast away through each set with sheer power and bombast. Chugging along with heavy, blues-rock riffs Nico solos through thick walls of sound while Tom pulverizes his drum kit with sinister conviction. Starting off with a sample of Taylor Swift's "Anti-Hero," the duo let it fizzle before they locked in and roared through their set of high energy hits that rocked the room to its core. Looping their furious riffs to allow for turbo-blasts to rain on top, it was a night of real rock and roll intensity as they launched into their heavy hitting tunes that echoed all the way to the front of the bar. Interpolating tracks like The Beatles' "Tax Man" as well as Tool and Destiny's Child gave the full range of their musical influences a chance to shine through their tracks while their own original tunes did most of the talking. "Dancing Queen" was another solid hit that let the blues rock explode while the drumming held down the night and kept things firmly focuses. "Moves" brought funkier elements to the night, lightening things up just a bit as the moved towards more groove based tracks that allowed the crowd to start to dance instead of just rocking out at hair-raising volumes. In addition to being just a killer rock and roll band, Locations always finds a cause to support whether it be for universal healthcare, shutting down the corporate greed behind Ticketmaster, or fighting for action against climate change and this show was all about supporting Extinction Rebellion, especially considering the recent air quality fiasco in New York City. They ended the night with their new track, "Better Days," which also gives new perspective to their sound. Taking cues from emo and post-rock, the song builds over a twisting drum groove and guitar noodling, giving it a winding path of melody that's a bit more abstract than you may expect from the duo before it hits the gas and explodes with the rock and roll passion these two create so well. It was a great end to the night and while it may be the only show the band has booked for the summer, there's plenty of more exciting news on the way and you could feel the excitement from the band brewing onstage, ready to unleash whatever it is they have in store for us next.

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