June 6, 2023

L'Rain - "New Year's UnResolution"

L'Rain has shared her first new song since her 2021 album Fatigue.

L'Rain creates a musical world that feels distinctly her own and on her newest track, "New Year's UnResolution," the artist has expanded the walls of this world to cover more boundary pushing elements while creating something wonderfully sublime in the process. Creating layered sonics that weave together ambient, jazz, soul, electronics, and other genre-busting sounds is what heralded L'Rain's last album as one of the most thought provoking and exciting albums of 2021 and on "New Year's UnResolution," she's back with more of her stunning craftsmanship that further establishes her as one of the most forward thinking artists currently making music. Welcoming us into a world all her own, she submerges us in a path of tranquil synths that gels with hypnotic electronic rhythms, glitching beats, and her angelic vocals that gives her ambient approach a solid pulse that almost begs you to dance to the effervescent groove. It's an astounding work of art that immediately grabs hold with its warmth before it dazzles you with its complexity. When speaking about the song, L'Rain says:

The words of this song were written at different periods of time to give a sense of what it’s like to think through the trajectory of a relationship at different points of my life–right after a break up, and many moons later. I wonder: what is it like to feel like you’ve forgotten a part of yourself?; how does time pass differently at different moments in your life? (like molasses, like water, like air); how do you set new terms of engagement with someone you’ve interacted with in a very specific way for a long time?; how do you deal with the turmoil of stepping into a distant unknown after a period of fierce intimacy?

The result here is a stunning track and one of the strongest in the young artist's repertoire that only hints at what might lay ahead in her future. This is visionary work from an artist who may have just hit the top of her game and one who will lead future voices on uncharted paths towards something surreal, sensual, and extraordinary. 

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