June 13, 2023

The Hives - "Countdown to Shutdown"

The second single from the Hives upcoming album continues to bring the heat.

Give everything enough time and eventually it just might come back into fashion. The Hives seem to know this and are using time to their advantage. Rather than oversaturate fans with mediocre records every few years, they've been patiently waiting to strike back and with their second single from their first album in over a decade, the wait is proving to be worth it. A knotty bass line sets the pace on this one before the band explodes with the high-octane energy that helped put them on the map in the first place. Huge riffs give off the garage-punk vibes that corralled them with the rock revival of the early aughts and this one makes it seem as if no time has passed since those early days as they scream and shout with killer conviction. Revved-up guitars hit like a brick wall while Howlin' Pelle shouts out the lyrics with his typical brute force and exclamation. In their usual tongue-in-cheek hyperbolic sentiment, Pelle shared: "The Hives have you covered with 'Countdown To Shutdown.' A versatile banger for all your summer rock needs. Approximately 37% more effective than the closest competitor and sure to help your Q2 and Q3 results. Buy now and watch the stock rise!" It certainly is a banger that revives the band's undeniable spirit and highlights their vicious and captivating attitude. The countdown to their new album is, indeed, on!

The Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons is out August 11.

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