April 10, 2023

The Linda Lindas - "Too Many Things"

It's been just over a year since The Linda Lindas released their debut full-length and today they're back with a new one-off single, "Too Many Things."

The Linda Lindas emerged during the pandemic as one of the most exciting new bands on the scene. After going viral for a performance of their original tune "Racist Sexist Boy," a track which was written in response to one of their classmate's reactions to them being Asian as the pandemic raged on, the band skyrocketed in popularity and began to get booked on tours and festivals around the world. As the hype continued to grow, the band affirmed that the early praise was indeed worth it with the release of their excellent debut record, Growing Up. Now they're back with "Too Many Things," a song that continues the energy that rushed forth with their debut and the group's knack for chugging chords and steadfast rhythms still feels sharply intact. Youth has always been the fifth member of this band and even with their undisputed talents, it still begs the question as to whether the longevity of the band will be reserved to their teen years or if they'll continue to defy expectations and go the distance as a band for the ages. For now, the band crushes any doubt as to whether they may just be a flash in the pan sensation and instead, confirms their vital impact to the world of punk and goes even further to establish them as the future face of Riot Grrl or whatever the next phase of feminist punk may be called. "Too Many Things" is more of what The Linds Lindas do best and even if the future remains unwritten, it's no question that their impact has already made a ripple effect across the music world. Their inspiration, no doubt, beaming into garages and basements around the country (and possibly the globe) already has made them one of the most exciting stories in music in quite some time. 

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