April 19, 2023

Foo Fighters - "Rescued"

Foo Fighters have announced a new album, the first since the death of their long-time drummer Taylor Hawkins, and shared the lead single, "Rescued."

What a year it has been for Foo Fighters. Just over a year ago, their drummer, the legendary Taylor Hawkins, died unexpectedly while on tour with the band in South America. Instead of what should've been a year of amazing shows, the band was forced to abruptly cancel everything and reconcile with the untimely loss of their brother and bandmate. Tragic doesn't begin to describe it. As part of their grieving process, the band wrote and recorded a new album and today they've shared their first new song since Taylor's unexpected and devastating passing. "Rescued" certainly sounds like a band going through a grieving process and the lyrics detail what must've been some of the hardest moments in Dave Grohl's life. "I'm just waiting to be rescued" Grohl sings over and over as the band thrashes away like only they know how to do, offering up some of their strongest riffs and head-banging moments in recent memory. The song is clearly about the loss of someone they all loved dearly, but it also comes across a bit like a celebration fo Hawkins' life. Instead of collapsing under the enormous devastation, they rise like a phoenix from the ashes and give Taylor the absolutely rocking tribute song he unquestionably deserves. At the moment, the band hasn't shared who is behind the drum kit on this one, although I'd assume Dave didn't let anyone else take the throne quite yet, and it's also unclear who will be sitting in once the band hits the road next month, but for now, we can rally together and celebrate the life of Taylor Hawkins in classic Foo Fighters style. It's track that bursts with energy and is filled with the powerful riffs that made the band such a force when Grohl debuted the project back in the mid-'90s. As the next few months unfold, we'll be invited into the new chapter of the Foo Fighters' career and while it certainly won't ever be the same without Taylor, it's hopeful to see the band carry on and continue the spirit of the group. I assume it's what Taylor would've wanted and knowing the band was able to find some catharsis in writing these tracks together brings a bit of comfort to the story.

But Here We Are is out June 2.

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