April 25, 2023

Palehound - "The Clutch"

Palehound have announced a new album, Eye on the Bat, and shared the rocking new tune "The Clutch."

In 2021, Palehound leader El Kempner teamed up with Jay Som (who is currently touring as the bassist for boygenius) to form the group Bachelor and together they released the really good album Doomin' Sun. Prior to that, the last time we heard a record from the entire band of Palehound was in 2019 so it's nice to hear that they're back with a new album that's due this summer. Along with the announcement of said return and new record, the band shared the killer new song "The Clutch." It's a total rocker of a track with thick, lush guitars that swarm around a grooving melody that erupts with the explosive distortion you'd expect from the band. When talking about the new album, Kempner said:

"The Clutch" is the very first song I wrote for this album, back in 2020 right when lockdown started. I had been on a tour that was sliced in half by the onset of the pandemic and we had to apocalypse road trip back to New York across the country from Oregon, where our next show had been scheduled for. While that was happening, I was also having a triggering romantic experience with somebody I didn’t know too well, and by the time I got home my whole body seemed to be spinning in turmoil. Writing and producing this song grounded me and helped me process a new future and self that I hadn’t anticipated.

The song is full of the catchy riffs that make Palehound's music so engaging and the ripping guitar solo is another stamp of approval, affirming the band's place as one of the rock revivalists looking to make sure the genre is anything but dead.

Eye on the Bat is out July 14 

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