April 5, 2023

Cindy - "Earthly Belonging"

San Francisco band Cindy are gearing up to release their new album on April 14 and today shared the third single, "Earthly Belonging."

Over several records, Cindy has established themselves as a dreamy slowcore group that makes hushed songs that can equally soundtrack overcast moody days as they do bright, sun-filled afternoons. The simplicity of their music makes them easily accessible and it's hard to argue that anyone could find something about their music unappealing. Today, the band has shared the latest single for their upcoming album and while it doesn't totally go against the grain, it's more upbeat than what we've heard in the past. "A friend asked if I wanted to go for a walk," bandleader Karina Gill said. "It turned out she meant that we'd walk from one place to buy things to another place to buy things and another. I ended up feeling strange and this song got its start." The result  is a buoyant jam that careens with delightful synth and an upbeat groove making for one of their most bubbling songs to date. At just under a minute and a half, it's also one of the shortest tracks we've heard from the band, but what they accomplish in such a quick amount of time is something to relish in before immediately hitting repeat to soak it up all over again.

Why Not Now? is out April 14.

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