April 11, 2023

Romy - "Enjoy Your Life"

Romy has shared another single produced by frequent collaborator Fred again.. as well as her bandmate Jaime xx.

Over the past several years, Romy (perhaps best known as one-third of the xx) has dropped quite a few excellent singles. Today, she's back with yet another and this one (like several others) features production from Fred again.., Jamie xx, and Stuart Price. Built around a sample of Beverly Glenn-Copeland's lyric "my mother says to enjoy your life," Romy weaves an elegant dance track together that radiates with glowing positivity. After being taken to see Glenn-Copeland in Sweden by dance legend herself, Robyn, Romy says the lyric stuck with her and became the foundation for the new track. A strong drum beat gives the song a steady rhythm while synths get to work to create a buzzing sensation that feels instantly euphoric and full of hope. As the song's title comes to life through exuberant vocal work, Romy shines in the spotlight embracing everything around her with stunning, positive affirmation. It's a wonderful and joyful dance song that sparkles with passion. While there's still no word on an official album from Romy, the singles she's released so far are more than enough to make fans happy and to defy the wish of Romy here would be criminal. Sometimes it's the simplicity and straightforwardness of music that can make it feel so powerful and Romy wastes no time with this one. Hit play and do as the song says, enjoy your life.

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