July 27, 2021

Grouper - "Unclean mind"

Liz Harris has announced a new album under her Grouper moniker and shared the first single, "Unclean mind."

Liz Harris specializes in quiet, hushed sounds where her vocals barely rise above a soft, meditative whisper. On her past two albums, she's used piano to elevate her tunes into something more contemplative, sheen, and crystalline all while still succumbing to her brilliant, whimsical, gauzy textures. On her first new Grouper song since 2018, Harris reverts back to the strumming acoustic guitar tones which permeated her early records, specifically Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill. While Grouper has never strayed far from the ambient overtones that have reverberated through her records, this return is extremely welcomed without feeling forced or repeated. Perhaps it's the fact that the songs on this new record were recorded over 15 years and aren't actually all that new, but this is classic sounding Grouper that we probably didn't even know we needed, but provides that soothing comfort Harris has been perfecting for years. It's an unexpected look-back and welcomed return from an artist who consistently gives so much while still looking forward. On "Unclean mind," we're reminded that it's still ok to look back to our past while we focus on what lies ahead.

Shade is out October 22 via Kranky.

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