July 6, 2021

Amen Dunes - "Feel Nothing"

Amen Dunes has signed to Sub Pop and shared a new single called "Feel Nothing."

It's been three years since we heard brand new music from Amen Dunes, but that changes today with the release of "Feel Nothing." In addition to a new label, there are new electronic elements on this one that push the sound of Amen Dunes away from more guitar-centric tunes and into something more experimental and out of traditional comforts. Percussion is also much more prominent on this tune and the addition of Sleaford Mods gives it more of a heavy feel than the airy-ness of Freedom. There are lots of textures found throughout the track and each listen reveals a bit more to the complexity and intricate nature of the song. It's exciting to hear and gives high hopes for whatever could be next.

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