September 19, 2019

Boards of Canada - "XYZ"

Warp Records has announced a new vinyl box set entitled, WXAXRXP Sessions, which collects recordings of 10 radio sessions from artists across the label. Included is "XYZ," an unreleased Boards of Canada track.

Taken from a 1998 John Peel session on BBC 1, "XYZ" was originally included on an EP that also featured the tracks “Aquarius”, “Happy Cycling”, and “Olson”, but due to sampling issues, "XYZ" was later removed. The track is a compelling number that feels perfectly inline with their all-time classic, and probably my favorite electronic album of all time, Music Has the Right to Children, It's subtle, haunting, and a bit hypnotic, but then a frenetic drum n bass beat kicks-in hard giving the track a pulse and showing even more of a progressive range from the mystical duo. The twitching rhythm accelerates the BPMs and gives the tracks an unexpected boost of life that feels new and exciting even twenty years after its creation.

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