February 27, 2019

Deafheaven - "Black Brick"

Deafheaven have shared "Black Brick." A new, non-album track that finds them at their heaviest.

Following last year's excellent Ordinary Corrupt Human Love (my second favorite album of the year), Deafheaven have dropped a new one that absolutely wreaks total havoc. Shying away from the shoegaze and alt-rock tendencies of their last record, "Black Brick" piles on the intensity with totally punishing results. The drumming here is relentless and blast beats overtake the entire song while thrashing guitar riffs add layers of sinister melodies that never lose their white-knuckle grip. Deafheaven take no prisoners on this one and it certainly won't be winning them over any new fans who aren't already fans of black metal, but instead the band shows that they still know their roots and can bang out a totally raucous track full of fury.

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