February 4, 2019

Ex Hex - "Tough Enough"

The mighty Ex Hex, led by Mary Timony, are set to release their new record It's Real on March 22 via Merge Records. It's their first record following their excellent 2014 debut Rips.

In a statement detailing the second single from the upcoming album, the band said “Tough Enough” is “all about three-dimensional power chords interplaying with whammy dive bombs. It’s a song about turning on your tough switch and forging ahead through whatever storms are happening around you ’cause you have no choice.” It's refreshing to still hear rock music that is this straight-forward with an all thrill and no frills attitude that seems to sometimes feel a bit dated in 2019. However make no mistake, Ex Hex sound extremely present and ready to kick down the door of anyone trying to close off rock and roll to the past.

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