April 25, 2017

Shabazz Palaces - "Shine a Light"

Shabazz Palaces have announced their new album Quazarz: Born on a Gangster Star. It's out July 14th via Sub Pop.

The follow-up to 2014's Lese Majesty was recorded in just two weeks and features Julian Casblanacas and Thundercat amongst others and is a concept album that "serves as both an introduction and tells the tale of Quazarz, a sentient being from somewhere else, an observer sent here to Amurderca to chronicle and explore as a musical emissary." Along with announcing the new record, the art-rap visionaries have also shared a lyric video for lead single "Shine a Light" (featuring Thaddillac).

From a press release:

I, Quazarz, Born On A Gangster Star, son only of Barbara Dream Caster and Reginald The Dark Hoper - he who rides on light - dreamer of the seventh dream and kissed eternal by Awet the Sun Scented - who far from home I found my same self differents in those constellies that be Dai at my weap-side immediate and all us Water Guild affiliates who revelries in the futures passed recordings and ceremonies flexing resplendent in the Paradise Sportif armor - raising these musics a joy/cry that way into these aquadescentdiamondized ethers of the Migosphere here on Drake world. Welcome To Quazarz.

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