April 30, 2017

Mitski played Brooklyn Steel

Touring behind last year's excellent Puberty 2, Mitski brought the rock to the new Brooklyn Steel for a killer night of loud tunes.

Taking the stage with an an ass-kicking grin firmly locked on her face, Mitski Miyawaki was ready to prove that she means business. Taking an alt-rock approach straight from the mid-90s, it's clear that her influences have ranged from power guitar rock like the Smashing Pumpkins as well as the reflective emo style of Saves the Day and early Weezer. Her hooks are massive, choruses swell, and her lyrics are deeply personal and resonate throughout her audience. From Bury Me at Makeout Creek and Puberty 2, it's clear that her devote following hold her in high esteem as the venue was filled to the brim with diehard fans screaming along to every work. She stared down the crowd with her ever impressive glare and not once let off the impression that she wasn't prepared to blow the roof off the building with each powerful track. Her band was tight and inline, never faulting or taking the attention away from Mitski herself with a giant solo or any kind of moment-stealing antics. The night belonged clearly to the woman behind the music and her fans were there to show their tribute and admiration. When the night finally came to "Your Best American Girl", the crowd rejoiced in ultimate euphoria. The song sounded massive and even more electrifying than it did on record, somehow giving it even more power. As the night tapered off, Mitski took to a guitar and played three final songs alone on stage. This was perhaps the most raw and visceral part of the night as she really let her emotions run wild and her voice showcase all of her feelings through agonized screams. Again, the song "My Body's Made of Crushed Little Stars" somehow came through with even more purpose and attention, really hammering home the feeling and energy of the night. Over the past year, Mitski has grown from DIY venues, to opening status, to full-blown headliner playing some of the bigger venues in the city. It's been such a thrill to watch her rise and if she can keep the momentum swinging, there is no telling ust how popular she will become over time.

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