September 29, 2015

Lower Dens played Bowery Ballroom

Baltimore's Lower Dens dropped by Bowery Ballroom in support of their third, and best, record Escape from Evil.

Lower Dens take pop melodies and strip them down into synth-noir, tingling tones of motorik drums, thudding bass, and rippled guitar. Their sound is neon in the dark. Covered in a soft glow, Jana Hunter led the band through a strong set that relied heavily on their latest material. Singles "To Die in L.A." and "Sucker's Shangri-La" struck high notes and accentuated the mood of the night while "I Am the Earth" oozed at the seams, allowing the band, in perfect syncopation, to lead the track in a solid march until finally breaking free in crashing harmony. "I Get Nervous" was a highly received throwback amongst the new gems and reinforced some of the dreamier vibes of the night. Their rhythms were locked tight, never once missing a single beat and Hunter's voice was booming, capturing the entire room and filling it with her presence. The band's previous dream-pop sound still rings true as cascading guitars still make their status known, but their turn towards neo-synth has taken a firmer grasp on their songs and has pushed the band in such a fantastic direction. However bashful she may have appeared between songs, Hunter faced the crowd with brilliant focus and determination. Alternating between guitar and owning the mic, her attitude was flawless and her charisma immaculate. As they closed their set, they asked for the lights to be dimmed and phones to be kept away, an uncommon thing in 2015. For one final moment, the band hunkered down and drilled into "Brains". It was a stunning ending to a great evening. One that highlighted a band that has paid their dues producing great albums and has now found a sound so pure and exciting that witnessing on stage is a true pleasure.

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