October 17, 2012

Fiona Apple played Terminal 5

After a few teases, the lights dimmed, a herd rushed on stage, and Fiona Apple launched into her stellar show at Terminal 5. Without hesitation, the songstress enveloped the building with "Fast As You Can" and never let up. Her sensational set list highlighted her entire body of work and each song was performed with such passion and emotion that you'd think she hadn't disappeared for years. Shadowboxer into Paperbag was magical and the follow up of recent stunner "Anything We Want" showcased her brilliant ability to transition between songs written so far apart. Every song was met with monstrous applause and cheers and it was evident that her devoted fans were out in full force. Some had probably waited over a decade to sing a long word for word with every lyric that was delivered with intense vigor by Apple. Such intensity that in some cases it resulted in her collapsing to the floor. While her newest album The Idler Wheel... is rather sparse in comparison to her past material, their live renditions breathed a new energy into each track that gave them new life and flaunted her band's talent. A year ago, no one would have predicted the number of chances New Yorkers would have to see their hometown darling and that might be what made this show (and tour) so special. For someone notoriously known for her erratic stage presence, Fiona Apple reappeared from the abyss not only with some of her best work to date, but with a rejuvenated live show that was light years better than anyone could have hoped for or expected.

"Fast As You Can"
"On the Bound"
"Paper Bag"
"Anything We Want"
"Get Gone"
"Sleep to Dream"
"Extraordinary Machine"
"Left Alone"
"I Know"
"Tymps (The Stick in the Head Song)"
"Not About Love"
"It's Only Make Believe" (Conway Twitty Cover)


Anonymous said...

hey! what time did she make it on stage? i want to be sure i'm not late, especially now that i'm so pumped up from reading your review of the show!

marc said...

She was on a little after 9:00. Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

thanks marc!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I hope I pass out mid way through show!!