March 7, 2024

Wild Pink - "Air Drumming Fix You"

Wild Pink have signed with Fire Talk Records and have shared a great new single, "Air Drumming Fix You."

The last record from Wild Pink was 2022's under the radar ILYSM, an album that took shoegaze guitars and made them go the distance, bringing forth heartland rock vibes with features from J Mascis and Julien Baker. Last year, John Ross, the band's main songwriter and leader, dropped an excellent EP under the moniker Lilts that further drove home the reverb-drenched guitars with dream-pop melodies. Now, he's back as Wild Pink and their new song "Air Drumming Fix You" is a sprawling, gorgeous track that fits nicely in the pocket of the sound he's been crafting for years. It also happens to be a song about air drumming to the Coldplay song "Fix You." Starting off with an electronic beat that recalls somber sounds of a post-punk '80s tunes, it quickly blossoms into something that springs to life with a pastel hue and soft glow. As Ross' lyrics run on, he expresses the idea of how things shape up and determines that often the good life might not be exactly how it you dreamed it to be as the vastness of the song begins to come into full realization. The majestic tones never fade out and only crystalize as the song progresses. Moving saxophone floats to the top of the back half of the song that gives it a wandering quality as it drifts off, never without purpose, but with a free form feeling that adds to the expansive nature of the band's soothing sounds.

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