March 6, 2024

Iron & Wine - "All in Good Time" (ft Fiona Apple)

Sam Beam, best known to many as Iron & Wine, has enlisted Fiona Apple to duet on the wonderful new song "All in Good Time."

It's pretty wild to think that it's been longer since we heard a proper solo studio album from Iron & Wine (seven years) than Fiona Apple (four years), but alas, that will change rather soon. In April, Sam Beam will release his first new studio album of Iron & Wine material since 2017's Beast Epic and it features the lovely new song "All in Good Time." While she shares no writing credits on the song, the track is a proper duet that sounds equally like a joint effort between the two and is one of the more joyful songs we've heard Fiona sing in quite some time. Shining with a certain cinematic quality to it, it's easy to imagine this one hitting as the credits roll or as touching montage scene plays. There's a jovial attitude that floats throughout as well as the two singers reckon about being on their own, while a glimmer of hope cuts through with a sense of optimism towards the future. While it's not the showstopping follow-up to Apple's own Fetch the Bolt Cutters, it's hard to imagine being anything but pleased by the outcome here and basking in the glory it holds. Rustic acoustic guitar and touching piano only bolster the song's glow, adding to its moving feelings and giving it a sense timeless quality; a song to last for the ages. There are elegant swells of strings that add to the ache and at times the sadness of looking back on the past, but it all settles as the singers look towards what potential greatness may still lie ahead, their sense that things can't be rushed, but how what's meant to be will eventually find its way, all in good time.

Light Verse is out April 26.

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