March 19, 2024

Maggie Rogers - "So Sick of Dreaming"

Maggie Rogers has shared the second single from her upcoming album, Don't Forget Me.

Next month, Maggie Rogers will release her third album, Don't Forget Me. So far, we've heard the title track and today she's shared the acoustic-forward song "So Sick fo Dreaming." There's a slight hint of Fleetwood Mac's own "Dreams" that weaves through the beginning of the song, a wonderful, golden hour track that radiates like the sun reflecting back off a guitar as Rogers' rich vocals comfort like a cool breeze. This isn't full of the synth-pop bombast like we've heard on other singles, but rather one that feels much more relaxed and down to the groove. There's an interesting mid-section portion that features what seems like a voice message from Maggie to a friend, which gives the song an interesting twist, but the rest of it has a vintage, worn-in feeling to it that sounds instantly familiar, like finding that perfect thrift store item that's already been broken in and ready to take on a new life. There's almost a near-country twang to it as well, giving it the relaxed '90s vibe that may also recall the bonafide pop-rock of Sheryl Crow and rounds out her sound to give her more of a mainstream push. Ready to sweep you away, the song has an effortless charm to it as well, but Maggie isn't here to play. "There ain't no diamond ring you could buy to take me home" she says and her confidence here makes it known that she's ready to move on and sounds assured that she's all that she needs. 

Don't Forget Me is out April 12

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