March 14, 2024

Vampire Weekend - "Classical"

"Classical," the third single from Vampire Weekend's upcoming fifth album Only God Was Above Us has arrived and explores the noisier side of the band's progressive pop sound.

On their self-titled debut album, New York City's Vampire Weekend made indie rock for the preppy kids seem cool and ushered in a new generation of boat shoe-wearing kids who would discover their parents' copy of Paul Simon's Graceland and claim is was their favorite album all along. These days, the band has given more nods to jam bands than to classic songwriting and have evolved past their popped collars and polo shirts for tie-dies and bucket hats. It's kind of funny that as they embark on their latest chapter, they've shared the new song "Classical," a track that offers some hallmarks of their past while still pushing towards something new. There is a familiar stringed refrain that cuts through this track and it recalls the pleasantry and innocence of "M79" before giving us the closest Vampire Weekend have ever come to a noise-jam freak-out. It's clear that the inspirations from across their career have bubbled up on this song and while it still lacks the urgency of their past work, it moves the needle ever more slightly than the two previous songs we've heard from the upcoming album. Breaking from the bright, clean guitar sounds of their past and making the moves towards something with a bit more of an edge and some grit thrown in for good measure.

Only God Was Above Us is out April 5.

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