August 3, 2023

Sheer Mag - "All Lined Up"

Sheer Mag have signed to Third Man Records and dropped a new single, "All Lined Up."

One of the best live bands out there, Sheer Mag have always leaned hard on the nostalgia aspect of their sound, so it's rather fitting that they've signed with fellow nostalgia obsessive Jack White and his Third Man Records label. Today, along with the announcement of their new recording home, the band have shared their first single since 2021's "Crushed Velvet," which appeared on a movie soundtrack, and it's an expected ripper. Mainlining tightly wound guitar licks and heavily processed drums, it's a compressed sound for a band that usually swings for the fences, but as compact as it is, it still hits with a solid punch. Tina Halladay's wail is still as vibrant as ever and cuts through her band's electrified crunch with sinister power making her one of the best vocalists out there. I've often thought of Sheer Mag as the ultimate bar band, one who can play to the crowd and bring the hits without overpowering their welcome so it's fitting that the band states that "the genesis of 'All Lined Up' stems from late nights at the bar playing pool," a fitting after-party scene following a killer performance. “Last call has long come and gone, the gate is down, the ashtrays are out and your friend behind the bar is giving it all away. Despite the revelry, there’s a looming sense of dread — a fear that no matter how far ahead you get, all it takes is one bad shot to lose the game.” Fittingly for the band, they take their shot with stellar confidence and sink it right in the corner pocket.

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