August 13, 2023

Gojira and Mastodon played Coney Island Amphitheater

Metal titans Gojira and Mastodon have linked-up for a co-headlining tour and brought their epic powers to Coney Island for a night of true havoc.

Opening the night, Atlanta's Mastodon locked-in for an hour-plus set of their undeniable brute force and wicked rhythms that brought out their true intensity. Their set was a career-spanning look back on their mammoth output over the years and reminded the crowd why they rule as one of the best prog-metal bands of the past twenty-five years. Reaching beyond the genre of metal, these legends have engaged with the indie scene for decades and witnessing them live, it was clear just how brilliant these musicians are and when they hit their maximal peak, it's like watching no other band I've seen. Drawing from their classics, the set was a bone-crushing onslaught of some of their heaviest tunes. Complete with head-spinning lights and extreme pyro, it was the ultimate show that lived up to the hype and legend of such a colossal group. Trading off vocals throughout the set, the dexterity between the members on stage was a real marvel and watching them kick things into high-gear was an absolute treat. Their technical display was awe-inspiring and just when it seemed like it couldn't get more extreme, towering flames shot up from the stage, bringing a blazing heat and scorching tone to the night. "Iron Tuesk" into "March of the Fire Ants" was an epic moment that drew from the band's heyday and was a core-reminder of just how much they rock.

Gojira closed out the double-feature and much like the mighty Mastodon, they pummeled the crowd with their bashing set of unbridled metal that hit like a thundering punch of maximum punishment. Once again the set took hold of the crowd and led everyone on a white-knuckle thrill ride of a night with beastly rhythms and grueling vocals. Once more, towering infernos wrapped around the band and helped to deliver on their more sinister moments, but it was really the killer force from the band that brought home the night. Their main set closer "The Chant" brought the night to an epic finish with the crowd singing back to the band with the utmost gusto, clinging on to the moment with all their might as to not let the night come to an end. The band looked truly thrilled with the epic reception set forth from the crowd and gave everything they had to bring those beautifully intense songs to life with the power and triumph they deserve. In the end, it was a massive success that had the crowd of 5,000-strong headbanging along with absolute devotion. 

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