August 8, 2023

Carly Rae Jepsen played Pier 17

After a lightning storm cancelled her Monday night show, Carly Rae Jepsen made up for it with a double-header on Tuesday and had Pier 17 dancing like a psychedelic switch.

Two shows in one day is no easy task, but Carly Rae Jepsen made it look effortless as she took to the stage at 8:00pm on Tuesday, mere hours after her matinee performance to make up for the previous night's cancellation, and she unloaded an extensive set list full of the hits as well as newbies from her recent album The Loveliest Time. Kicking off with the synth-pop stud "Let's Sort the Whole Thing Out," she quickly dazzled the crowd and got the night flowing with a shimmering glow, one that would only continue to sparkle throughout the night, as she danced across the stage before immediately jumping into the undeniable banger "Run Away With Me." For only the second song of the night, it was a major moment and one that had the entire venue bouncing and screaming along with unbridled joy. It was an instant thrill and a fantastic reminder that for those who think of this pop queen as a one-hit wonder, they're sorely mistaken. Hearing this song while the sunset over the skyline of Manhattan was one for the books and hyped up the night for everything that would follow. Her recent single "Shy Boy" had some minimal choreography and stylized moves from her back-up singers and band and gave the song extra life when played live and the easy-going vibes of "Western Wind" brought more charm to her already effervescent set. "Are you ready to turn this into a rave?" she asked the crowd before she lept into "Psychedelic Switch," the prizewinner from her most recent collection of b-sides (most of which are just as good as her a-sides and proves her talent is perhaps the most slept on in all of pop music), and with that she got the crowd energized and ready to party. Following a quick costume change, she returned to the stage and reveled in her glory as she busted out "Call Me Maybe," jumping into the crowd for the triumphant singalong moment and proved once again that no one is too big or too cool to play the hits if Carly can have this much fun playing a song far too many wrote off as a joke. However let me tell you that being in a crowd for this one is really something to behold and gives the song an incredible new meaning that you'll never replicate over a stereo system. "I thought I was good at pick up lines" she said after playing "I Really Like You," another bonafide gem that once again takes on a new life in a live setting, "but apparently 'I Want You in My Room' is a lot better" she joked, much to the rapturous applause from the crowd, and again she led her singers and band through a slick dance routine and highlighted her break from the nice girl of pop and into a mature, confident sound that can still be just as joyful and euphoric as her sugary, bubblegum past. Following the live debut of "Come Over" she exited for an encore and returned for a stellar acoustic rendition of "Go Find Yourself or Whatever" before segueing into the sultry and swanky "All That," a personal favorite I've been dying to hear live and fully lived up to my anticipation. "Boy Problems" was another fan favorite of the night, but it was clear that everything had been building to the finale and when she shouted "this song was made to be heard on a roof" the crowd erupted with elation. "Cut to the Feeling" was as electric as ever. Take me to the stars indeed and when the lyric "I wanna dance on the roof" hit, it felt like the entire crowd jumped in unison, a moment unlike any other and one that confirmed her place as more than just a one-hit pop star to the masses, but one of the best out there who time and time again has released disco-ready bops sure to set a dance floor ablaze. May all good feelings cut like this one!

Set list:

01 "Let's Sort the Whole Thing Out"
02 "Run Away With Me"
03 "Anything to Be With You"
04 "Surrender My Heart"
05 "Joshua Tree"
06 "Talking to Yourself"
07 "Shy Boy"
08 "Western Wind"
09 "Kollage"
10 "Psychedelic Switch"
11 "Summer Love"
12 "Call Me Maybe"
13 "Stay Away"
14 "Shooting Star"
15 "Bends"
16 "I Really Like You"
17 "Want You in My Room"
18 "The Loneliest Time"
19 "So Right"
20 "Beach House"
21 "Come Over" (Live debut)
22 "Go Find Yourself or Whatever"
23 "All That"
24 "Boy Problems"
25 "Kamikaze"
26 "Cut to the Feeling"

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