August 30, 2023

Jlin - "Paradigm"

At the end of September, Jlin will release a new mini-album called Perspective and today she dropped the second single, "Paradigm"

Jlin is known for her chaotic, frazzled electronic music that often eschews any kind of conventional rhythm. It's almost like she's taking a free-jazz approach to dance music. Rhythms shuffle along, beats shift, and there's never a drop (or at least never when you expect it) which makes it, at times, a dizzying experience. "Paradigm," the new track from her forthcoming mini-album (which is an extension of her collaboration with the Chicago ensemble Third Coast Percussion and choreographers Wayne McGregor and Kyle Abraham that got her shortlisted for a Pultizer Prize) continues down that same winding path of unpredictability. Rattling beats tap their way into focus while clunking rhythms clang like cabinets falling down a staircase. Cymbals crash, percussive notes sharpen with intensity, and glitched melodies add dazzling texture to the already overflowing track. It's a jumbling thrill ride of a song that constantly changes directions, yet still retains a focus highlighting Jlin's superb attention to detail and mastery of her craft.

Perspective is out September 29.

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