May 2, 2023

The Hives - "Bogus Operandi"

The Hives are back and have shared the explosive new single, "Bogus Operandi."

It's been over a decade since The Hives released a new album, but today they've announced a new record will be out in August and along with the announcement, shared the blistering first single "Bogus Operandi." After a bit of an electric wind-up, the band crashes through with the high-octane track that features major riffage and Howlin' Pelle's, well, wicked howl. Locked-in and ready for a white-knuckle thrill ride, the band unleashes ripping licks and tightly-wound rhythms that give the track a rigid firmness that still hits like a ton of bricks. It may be tight, but it will still kicks major ass in the way the Hives do so well. Sticking clearly to the sound that made them part of the aughts garage-rock revival, The Hives aren't up to new tricks with this one (and with a sound as killer as theirs why would you go about changing anything?), but rather they strap in tight for their whiplash inducing rock and roll. In regards to the album as a whole, Pelle adds:

There’s no maturity or anything like that bullshit, because who the fuck wants mature rock'n'roll? That's always where people go wrong, I feel. 'It's like rock'n'roll but adult,' nobody wants that! That’s literally taking the good shit out of it. Rock'n'roll can't grow up, it is a perpetual teenager and this album feels exactly like that, which it’s all down to our excitement – and you can’t fake that shit.

This one is a true burst of energy that finds the band doing just what they do best, rocking out with pristine fashion and doing anything but faking it.

The Death of Randy Fitzsimmons is out August 11.

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