May 31, 2023

Be Your Own Pet - "Worship the Whip"

After reuniting last year, garage-punks Be Your Own Pet have announced their first new album in fifteen years, Mommy, and shared the great new song, "Worship the Whip."

I always felt like Be Your Own Pet never got their fair due. Following their kick-ass debut and excellent sophomore record, the band broke-up and their existence seemed to fade. Despite their alluring live show and raw, intense albums, history wasn't kind to them and they never seemed to pop up for album anniversary pieces of best-of lists. Last year, I felt vindicated when they got booked to open for Jack White and killed their set. Now, after the blistering single "Hand Grenade" dropped earlier this year, the band has confirmed a new full-length is on the way as well and along with the announcement, they've releases another crushing single. "Worship the Whip" is a polished, high-gloss punk song that captures all of the elements that made the band so incredible on their first go-around and ups the ante of what might be in store on their comeback album. It's another bruising track with Jemina Pearl Abegg's unabashed vocals hitting you straight in the face while the rest of the band chugs along with catchy riffs and steadfast rhythms. "'Worship The Whip' is about the right wing authoritarian personality," Pearl said. "Aggressive and domineering to people who don’t think like them, while at heart being a submissive to the authority figures who use and abuse them." It's a punishing track full of the high-fever intensity the band first unleashed when they were teens and further proves that they do indeed have more to say as a band than even they may have expected. 

Mommy is out August 25 via Third Man Records.

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