May 24, 2023

Buck Meek - "Haunted Mountain"

Big Thief guitarist Buck Meek has signed to 4AD and announced a new solo album and shared the title track, "Haunted Mountain."

For his third solo record, Buck Meek has signed to 4AD, the same label as his band Big Thief. Along with the announcement, the singer has shared the rustic country-inspired title track, "Haunted Mountain." The song was written with Jolie Holland (who also co-wrote four of the other tracks on the album) and it's a swinging song, full of energy and motion that captures a lot of what his main band does so well, but this time around, he makes it distinctly his own. Lush acoustics mix with rusted, metallic guitars to give it a solid twang, but with the fervent feeling of a bonafide rock track. When commenting on the song, Meek states that "it's about being humbled by the thing you're drawing power from only at which point an actual, fair relationship begins." There's a steady beat and rocking groove to this one that gives it a lived-in sort of vibe making immediately familiar while still inspiring and full of life. There's some excellent slide and steel guitar tones throughout which gives it a bit of a sepia-toned elegance and a ripping solo that brings it to a solid close and highlights the best of what Meek brings to his main band and affirming this as one of his best solo offerings to date.

Haunted Mountain is out on August 25.

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