May 30, 2023

Patio - "En Plein Air"

Patio, the post-punk trio originally from Brooklyn, are back with their first new song since 2019.

The debut album from Patio, Essentials, is a great hallmark from 2019 that took scrappy, raw post-punk vibes and set it as a blueprint that numerous indie bands would replicate in the years since its release. The jagged, atonal sounds and deadpan vocal delivery that the trio ushered in on their debut would go on to be the themes present on new records by acts like Dry Cleaning or bar italia and now, Patio are back to reclaim their ground as the forebears of this stark and dry sound. On their new single, "En Plein Air," the band, now scattered between LA, Brooklyn, and Berlin, pick up right where they left off, issuing another excellent  track that continues their all thrills and no frills attitude. Taking elements from bands that shaped their early influences, Patio distill their sound into primal, basic tunes that are stark and straight to the point. The bass lines are thick and in your face while steady rhythms anchor the track under scratching guitar licks. Refining the details ever so slightly, this is indeed a welcome return from the band and one that seems to find them ready to assert themselves back into the position of the early purveyors of this simple, yet captivating sound. While their debut was already primed with conviction and razor-sharp wits that exuded a radical confidence, "En Plein Air" finds the band back in the driver's seat with their hands grasped firmly on the wheel, and ready to roar back into the lead.


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