February 23, 2023

Wednesday - "Bath County"

Wednesday has shared the third single from their upcoming new album, Rat Saw God.

Today is Thursday, but there's a new Wednesday song out in the world. On the third single from their hotly anticipated new album, Rat Saw God, the North Carolina group continue to bring their revved up guitar sound to the extreme, taking queues from quintessential '90s indie rock and giving it a punk smear. “This is a song I wrote on a porch in Bath County, Virginia when me and [lead guitarist] Jake [Lenderman] were visiting Jake’s moms hometown,” says Karly Hartzman, lead singer of the band as well as the director of the song’s video. “It includes some imagery I saw on that trip as well as a description of a guy we saw overdosed in a parking lot early one morning on our way to Dollywood.” The band really cranks it up on this one and add some Southern Rock flair, more akin to Neil Young and Crazy Horse than Lynyrd Skynyrd, with metallic and rusted guitar notes that give in a heavy, hard twang while decimating screams pule on to the song's ragged textures. It's a bruising and electric song that only adds to the hype the band has built up for this new album. If the rest of the tracks hold up to these killer singles, we're in for a real treat. When talking about the song's video, Hartzman said: “The video I made myself is an homage to PJ Harvey’s video for ‘Man-Size.’ I’ve never seen someone emit as much confidence as she does in that video. I wanted to pretend for a minute I possessed that attitude but it was harder than it looks! Endless respect for Peej.” With songs as great as this, it's hard to imagine she won't start to feel as confident as she sounds.

Rat Saw God is out April 7.

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