February 27, 2023

The Reds, Pinks and Purples - Heaven's Dreaming

The sublime Reds, Pinks, and Purples continue their hot streak with a new album due in March, but first a cover of the new single from Depeche Mode and a terrific b-side all their own.

Later this year, synth-pop icons Depeche Mode will release a new album and it's lead by the single "Ghosts Again." Long-time fan of the band Glenn Donaldson wasted little time offering up a cover of the track and over the weekend posted it to his group's Bandcamp account (although he claims it won't stay up for long) along with a wonderful b-side that would fit in wonderfully on any of the band's recent records. While the original Depeche Mode track has a bit of a stark vibe to it (no surprise there), this cover brightens it up a bit and adds lush electric guitar to really flesh out the track. Donaldson's knack for adding shimmering melodies to his own work of rather sad tunes comes through with extreme passion on this cover and almost takes the song from a gothic black and white to one full of brilliant color. It's a wonderful tribute to a legendary group and the fact that it comes backed with another song that Glenn "just had lying around" once again confirms his undeniable status as one of the strongest and most prolific songwriters of recent memory. Act fast and give this one a listen before it fades into the ether, becoming a ghost of its own self, again.

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