February 21, 2023

U.S. Girls - "Tux (Your Body Fills Me, Boo)"

On Friday, U.S. Girls will release a new album. Today they've shared one more single, "Tux (Your Body Fills Me, Boo)."

Meg Remy has been teasing the new U.S. Girls album for a while, but this Friday, we'll finally hear it in full. Before then, we have the fourth single from the record to gush over as the wait winds down. "Tux (Your Body Fills Me, Boo)" kicks off with twinkling synth and spoken-word verse that puts the perspective of the song in the view of a used shirt of a tuxedo. Seriously. However, while the concept feels a bit strange, the track itself oozes with funky bass, squelching synths, and endless boogie that gives it a sparkling disco feel that enhances the band's sound, perhaps, better than any song before it. The groove inducing rhythms and beats make it nearly impossible to hold still while vibing to this delectable track almost pushing you to the center of the party rather than pulling you. There's nothing that can stop this kind of feeling and Remy relinquishes all control to that of the beat. An immediate boost of dopamine, it's an irresistibly fun song that captures all the right notes for an endless good time and as it stretches past the six minute mark, there are times when it feels like this one might keep you on the dance floor forever. It's an instantly sensational track that feels destined for late-night dance parties that are sure to light-up a posh lounge or club as champagne pops and moods erupt in total elation. Infectious grooves of this status don't hit often and this one isn't a traditional banger, but one that recalls effortless fun and unbeatable moments of total joy. Radiating such strong and compelling notions hits like true euphoria and this album is shaping up to be a soundtrack to the best nights of the year.

Bless This Mess is out Friday, February 24.

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