February 22, 2023

Cindy - "A Trumpet on a Hillside"

San Francisco band Cindy have announced a new album due in April and shared the glowing lead single, "A Trumpet on a Hillside."

Cindy is a band that makes elegant, ethereal music that floats between slowcore and dream-pop with the greatest of ease. Over the course of three full-lengths and some singles, the band has refined their sound to create effortless charm that oozes with warm vibes and gentle melodies. Today, the band announced their fourth record, Why Not Now?, and with it comes another gorgeous track that solidifies their sonic landscape as that of lush, yet simple, songs that strike a cozy balance of gauzy, honey-dipped pop that shines with a stunning glimmer. Soft synths buzz and twinkle as singer Karina Gil offers up hushed and distilled vocals that at times recall '90s haze while still sounding very much of the moment, full of modern queues that don't date the track, but rather encapsulate some blissed-out moments we may need to recede from the world around us. "It's hard to explain what a song is about," says Gill. "Or, it's not hard -- it would just take too long and we'd have to be sitting in a room together. But that's close to what I would say about this song: it's about being in a room with people, the closeness and distance involved in that. And it's about the vividness and grandness (sometimes) of the most ordinary experience." This truly is a wonderful, yet stark, track that provides a wonderful soundtrack to brighten the more mundane moments and finding the beauty in some of life's simplest joys.

Why Not Now? is out April 14.

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