April 12, 2022

Jamie xx - "LET'S DO IT AGAIN"

Jamie xx returns with his first new song in two years.

The members of the xx have started to make some noise recently after a long silence following their last record, 2017's I See You. Over the past few months, however, Romy has shared the underrated new track "Lifetime" and hopped on Fred again..'s "Lights Out." Oliver recently shared some new songs as well. Last we heard from Jamie xx, the first member of the group to release solo material, was 2020's lukewarm "Idontknow." Other than that, he's been pretty quiet. However, this summer, he's making some festival appearances and playing a lot more shows and today, he's shared the lengthy, rave-ready track "LET'S DO IT AGAIN." "I started making this tune last year, just as it felt like we might all be able to start doing the things we love again," Jamie said in a statement. "I'm so happy to say 'LET'S DO IT AGAIN' is out today. And I can’t wait to play it for ya this summer!" In dance music, there's often the theme of things lasting a long time. Beats get extended, tracks are remixed, and there's always the notion of partying as long as possible, or at least until the sun comes up. Daft Punk made this idea their trademark with their forever classic "One More Time" and now Jamie is here to offer something similar. Don't let things end, let's just do it again. It's pretty easy to see this track fitting in nicely with the rest of Jamie's catalogue and while it is sure to get the crowd going and energize the dance floor, it doesn't do much to reintroduce Jamie's sound. This sounds like his standard club tracks with delayed, sampled vocals that work into a frenzy before a beat drops and the crowd is destined to go wild. It's a fun track and I'm sure it'll get an audience to lose themselves within the grooves, but after a rather lengthy drought, this feels like classic, standard Jamie xx and not something ready to make a splash to the same extent as In Colour. However, a typical Jamie xx track is still one worth dancing over and the disco-inspired vocals shimmer with wonder and you can practically feel the glow of pulsating lights matching the beat hit your face. It's been so long since we've had a new album from Jaime and while I would love to hear him reinvent himself for the dance floor, it's almost impossible to hear the call out of "let's do it again" and not submit to the rhythms and beats. In the event that one more time just isn't enough, you can always default and just do it again.

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