April 27, 2022

Angel Olsen - "Big Time"

Angel Olsen has shared the second single and title track to her upcoming album, Big Time.

Angel Olsen might be our next country music superstar. Moving away from the darker, indie-noir of her previous records, the latest single and title track from her upcoming is her twangiest song yet, full of bold acoustic guitars and hypnotic pedal steel guitar. However, as with most of her work, it's her voice that is most transcendent on the track. In a lot of cases, we're used to big crescendos that punctuate Olsen's songs to give it ultra flare, but this one is steady and vibrant throughout. There aren't any extra flashes here, no horns, no swelling chorus, just Angel doing what she does best. When the album was announced, Olsen said it was recorded shortly she came out to her parents, both of whom died within weeks of each other, and in some ways it feels like the album is a sign of rebirth, new, self-discovery, and self-acceptance. "And I'm losin', I'm losin', I've left it behind / Guess I had to be losin' to get here on time" she croons, in perhaps an acknowledgment of letting go of her past and embracing herself in the present. Further comments on the album state "these are songs not just about transformational mourning, but of finding freedom and joy in the privations as they come." As Angel finds joy in herself, she also can find love with others. This isn't her first time experiencing these feelings, but something this time has changed. "I'm living, I'm loving, I've loved long before / And I'm loving you big time, I'm loving you more" and with each new track, I'm loving her more as well.

Big Time is out June 3 via Jagjaguwar.

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