December 12, 2020

Sun June - "Bad Girl"

Austin five-piece Sun June have shared another single from their upcoming record, Somewhere.

Describing their new album as their "prom record" and the style as "regret pop," Sun June is setting the expectations with the utmost regard. "Bad Girl" is the latest single from the record and carries along their delicate and intimate sound of dreary, bedroom dream-pop. It's a soft, gentle track and in an interview with Flood Magazine, lead singer Laura Colwell said:

“'Bad Girl' is about a younger version of myself I like to obsessively despise while desperately trying to emulate. It’s about a self-destructive past and how my fear of death and FOMO (for lack of a better term) affected my decision making. I really wanted to make a dance video because the song has so much attitude. The dancer/choreographer Sarah Navarrete really captured the push and pull of the lyrics. The video is like a noir narrative, but with dance."

Somewhere is out February 5 via Run for Cover.

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