December 20, 2020

Burial - "Chemz"

Burial ends the year with a jaw-dropping 12 minute track called "Chemz." It's the A-side of an EP due in 2021.

Straight from the artist's Bandcamp, "‘Chemz’ is hooky, rushy and loved up - both an unhinged premonition of unleashed post-pandemic joy and a demonic flashback to past ecstasies in a hardcore style perfected in the UK. ‘Chemz’ is a 12 minute rave monster that has ingested several tracks and incorporated them into its distended body." This track hits at break-neck speeds, an absolute adrenaline rush and fantastical journey of electronic euphoria. The light-speed rhythms propel the song with illustrious force and it's without question the most intense track of the artist's career. This is a behemoth of a track that never lets up, a banging crusade reaching seismic proportions. This is Burial at his most accelerated, his most charged-up. A grand statement from someone who has made many. This ranks as one of his best.

"Chemz" / "Dolphins" is out digitally February 28, 2021 and physically in April 2021 via Hyperdub.

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