July 11, 2020

Sufjan Stevens - "My Rajneesh"

Following his collaborative, instrumental album Aporia, with his stepfather Lowell Brams earlier this year, Sufjan Stevens has announced the proper follow-up to 2015's Carrie & Lowell and shared a non-album track that still feels like an incredible statement.

"My Rajneesh" is an epic track that swells to magnificent heights and really captures so many previous sounds that Stevens has shared over the years (it's also about Rajneesh whose movement was documented in Netflix's Wild Wild Country). The electronic undertones of Age of Adz, the grandiosity and magnitude of Illinois, and the overall triumph that he always seems to emphasize are all present on this one and signifies that his magic is still flowing strong. Following last week's glowing "America," this is yet another expansive track (and a b-side!) that clocks in at over ten minutes and yet not a single second feels wasted. 

The Ascension is out September 25.

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