July 21, 2020

Metz - "A Boat to Drown In"

Toronto noise-punks Metz have announced their fourth album, Atlas Vending, and shared the epic lead single "A Boat to Drown In."

The lead single is the closing track to the album and while it certainly sounds like a Metz song (loud, aggressive, pulverizing), there is a bit of a drone element that stretches their sonic template into a new territory. It's still unmistakably theirs, but for the first time, they seem OK with pushing their own boundaries. The track is an all out attack that hits with brutal force and while the vocals remain intense, they're also a bit more melodic. This is still Metz, however, so the sheer force behind the song is still extreme and begs to be played at ear-bleeding volumes, but shows a sense of growth which is very welcomed to the mix and gives promise to a more mature and advanced sound.

Atlas Vending is out October 9 via Sub Pop.

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