January 29, 2020

Caribou - "Never Come Back"

Next month will see the first new record from Caribou since 2015's Our Love. "Never Come Back" is the latest track from Suddenly and the one that finds him back to his classic sound.

Following the stand-outs "Home" and "You and I," Caribou continues to impress with "Never Come Back," a track that harkens back to more of a classic House sound than the sparkling samples and IDM features from the first two singles. "[It] was the first track from Suddenly that I finished. It came together very quickly and was one of those tracks that is a lot fun to make,” Snaith says. “As soon as I landed on the main synthesizer chords and the repeated refrain the rest came together very quickly and naturally. I felt like it was my job to get out of the way and not over complicate or over think it. Sometimes the best pleasures are the simple ones."

Suddenly is out February 28 via Merge.

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