January 16, 2020

Lightning Bolt - "Spaceman"

Gods of Noise, Lightning Bolt, have shared a new song following last year's awesome Sonic Citadel. It's called "Spaceman" and is part of the Adult Swim Singles series.

Just last week, Brian Chipendale announced a new band with Ty Segall called Wasted Shirt, but clearly his main project is still on his mind. "Spaceman" is exactly what you'd expect from a classic Lightning Bolt song, but it's still exciting to hear something new so soon after their last album (these guys are family men these days and their studio output isn't exactly frequent). It's not as accessible as any of their other recent material and the mix feels more inline with their past work and less with the vocals front and center. Still, anything new from these icons is a treat and one I'll gladly play on repeat.

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