April 24, 2019

FKA twigs - "Cellophane"

At long last, FKA twigs has shared new music. "Cellophane" is her first track since 2016's "Good to Love" and it's a remarkable comeback that could come from no one else.

The track opens with twigs' meticulously beautiful vocals before minimal piano notes begin to surface. It moves at a glacial pace which allows every aspect of the song to come into full picture with absolute grace. It's the sonic equivalent of watching a flower bloom in slow motion. There are bits of electronics, a slight whisper in the background, and about half way through, a familiar lurch comes into play, but only just for a moment. Her voice is the true centerpiece on this one and showcased in a way she has never served up on previous tracks. The song signifies true elegance and an incredible return, not to proper form, but a moving next chapter in her career. It's a track many fans may have been wanting, but never expected to hear. It's moving, stunning, and full of subtle power. A defining statement from a woman who has plenty left to say.

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