January 20, 2019

Panda Bear - "Token"

Panda Bear is set to drop latest solo album, Buoys, on February 8. He's now shared the video for a track called "Token" ahead of the record's release.

"Token" is a whimsical track from the Animal Collective member. Led by an acoustic guitar riff that shuffles along as Noah Lennox's soft croon glows like a bright light, the song is airy and free flowing. Psyched-out electronics find their place to give the song that classic Panda Bear touch without surrendering to a total dizzying spiral. It feels both like a logical next step for the artists, but also keeps the listeners on their toes in anticipation of what sounds could possibly be on the way from this master of change. We're a long way from the sample-heavy Person Pitch, but Lennox is still finding new ways to surprise and delight listeners.

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