October 6, 2018

Nothing played Warsaw

Nothing are on tour in support of this year's great Dance on the Blacktop and hit Brooklyn's Warsaw with a great bill of bands for a night of shoegaze joy.

Nothing are a band that sound just like their peers, but happen to be still making their first rounds of music and actually aren't on a reunion tour playing hits from decades prior. On record, their sound is exactly what Creation Records would've dreamed of releasing in 1992, but they do it without sounding a bit recycled. Their music is polished and fresh, but it's entirely what you would expect if you're also into bands like Chapterhouse, Swervedriver, or the Swirlies (they actually opened the show and were also fantastic). What sets them a bit apart from their 90s brethren is their inherent ability to actually rock-out on stage. Typically, bands of this nature let the walls of sound speak for them as they stare down at their infinite amounts of pedals. Nothing shred, but still put on a show worthy of witnessing. Their take in more their 90s alt-rock attitude and put on a rather impressive performance, ripping away into huge guitar solos and move around the stage with ample amounts of energy. They kicked off the night with "Zero Day," which also opens their newest record, and let the audio assault take control of the evening. Everything about the show felt heavy and intense. Their music has more of a kick than their genre usually suggests and the extra drive in addition to the already tumbling walls of sound were enough to really take the show to a new height. The songs felt fresh and in the moment, not like the band was paying homage to a time when they were merely children and they owned the night. Dueling vocals helped add another layer of textured intimacy, but it was clearly their spellbinding guitar work which drove the night forward. "Vertigo Flowers" was massive in sound and "Bent Nail" was revved-up into hyper-speed for one of the most driving songs of the show. Closing out with "The Carpenter's Son" and "(HOPE) Is Just Another Word with Hole in It" completed the bookend album effect of the night and put the final touches on an impressive show.

Set list:

01 "Zero Day"
02 "B&E"
03 "Curse of the Sun"
04 "You Wind Me Up"
05 "A.C.D. (Abscessive Compulsive Disorder)"
06 "Us/We/Are"
07 "Vertigo Flowers"
08 "I Hate the Flowers"
09 "Bent Nail"
10 "Blue Line Baby"
11 "The Carpenter's Son"
12 "(HOPE) Is Just Another Word With a Hole in It"

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