February 22, 2018

Keep Shelly in Athens - "Denial / Tokyo Lane"

Grecian dream-pop Keep Shelly in Athens have released a new, double single "Denial / Tokyo Lane" to follow-up last year's Philokalia.

The new singles are everything you've come to expect from the group: stabbing synths, a pulsing rhythm, and a buoyant drum machine. The melodies still feel ethereal, but the vocals are more present than ever and give the songs a larger sound than many have come to expect. The visions of the group have moved from the lush, bedroom vibes towards a booming, retro synth-pop that sees the band taking new risks and pushing their sound to new heights.

1 comment:

monster garden said...

To me they are kinda like if ABBA and Dead Can Dance had a baby, with a little bit of Kraftwerk synth beat especially heard in title song Philokalia