February 12, 2018

Iceage - "Catch It"

Iceage have shared a new track called "Catch It." It's their first piece of new music since 2014's Plowing Into the Fields of Love.

While there is still no word on an album, Iceage are back with a brooding new single, that follows the cow-punk themes of their last record. Harrowing punk with some wild west flair. "Catch It" is full of clanging guitars and a steady, marching rhythm that propel the song forward at a steady lurch. Singer Elias Ronnenfelt's drawl really stretches the track out for an extended twang. After a quick fake-out, the song explodes into a scuzzed-out guitar frenzy that puts more of a psych-twist on the song before falling right back into that entrancing, staggering beat. A dusted post-punk number for the wayward man in black.

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