October 31, 2006

Things have been real busy lately so I haven't had much too say. Here's a brief recap of what I've been up to, aside from school and midterms.

On Tuesday of last week I spoke with playwright Joe Pintauro on the phone. We were supposed to go to dinner, but he had to cancel at the last minute due to an emergency back at his home. However, he did say that next time he is in the city he will let me know and we will get together. He also mailed me a signed copy of Metropolitan Operas, a collection of his short plays. For anyone involved in Raft of the Medusa you know how exciting this is and I will keep you all updated.

This weekend New York City got in the Halloween spirit. A bunch of us went to the village on Saturday afternoon in search of costumes for a party we were attending in Queens. After waiting in line for about ten minutes we got in the store. A bunch of people cut me off from the group, but once the people passed I stood there starring at Ice-T. He and his wife Coco were apparently in the same set of mind as everyone else. We all bought our various costumes and accessories and made our way to Queens for an awesome time and a great way to kick off the Halloween season. Tomorrow we all plan to head down to the village for the 33rd annual parade. It is supposed to be pretty crazy, so I'm excited.

Last night I went to a book discussion at the 92nd Street Y. It was a discussion by a group of people who had contributed essays about collaboration in the theater. The group discussed the book and their experiences for about an hour before they opened up for questions from the audience. Oh and the people in the discussion included: Kathleen Chalfant, the original Hannah Pitt in Angels in America, Terrence McNally, Harold Prince, winner of more Tony awards (21) than any other person in history and the director of Phantom of the Opera, and Edward Albee, three time Pulitzer Prize winner and author of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? among many others. This discussion was perhaps one of the most interesting conversations I have ever witnessed and one of the coolest experiences. Afterward, I spoke with Kathleen Chalfant about our experiences with Angels and it was interesting to hear that she had felt such similar feelings about the play. Finally I got my copy of Virginia Woolf signed by Mr. Albee, but I was unable to speak to him (hey I'll take what I can get).

This week is the CMJ Music Marathon here in New York. Tons and tons of shows by some of the biggest names in indie rock. Friday I plan on attending the free Decemberists show at The Apple Store in SoHo (For all those who might be interested in this, the show is at 1:00 pm and I suggest you get there early as seating is very limited). Then Scott is coming down for the Straylight Run/Saves the Day/Alkaline Trio show on Saturday. I'm pumped.

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Keep it scene in the city.

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