Monday, October 02, 2006

Happy October everyone. Fall is officially here and you could feel it this weekend in the city. It was a gorgeous weekend and to celebrate there was a little Westford reunion here in the Big Apple. On Saturday afternoon my friend Kenny came down to join Nick and I in our journey to Town Hall for Sufjan Stevens. It was a great guys night out and the first one I've had since I've been here. Although our seats were not fabulous, we still had an amazing time. Sufjan was excellent. Probs the best audio quality of any show I've ever seen. Soof and his ensemble were decked out in butterfly attire for the performance and it was quite entertaining to see all of these wings bouncing around on stage. There were some tech issues during "Predatory Wasp", but Soof made up for it with an excellent sense of humor. "That is the sound of the wasp" he told us after a lound humming noise became to over powering for the song to continue. It was clever. I must say that "Chicago" was surprisingly not my favorite of the night. While I think it is perhaps my fav song of his, "Jacksonville" was unbelieveable. And i almost forgot... Soof played one of his xmas songs off his box set that is coming out at the end of the year and just for fun he threw inflatable Santas into the crown (Nick caught one) and during "Man of Steel" he threw Supermen (I caught one of those). All in all a good night. For pics and a video clip of a new song visit stereogum.

Now this week was realll busy for me and the weekend as well, my dad was in town too, so I did not have a lot of free time to fill with various events to write about so intead I'm giving you some other news:
  • Screech makes a sex tape.
  • The iphone is coming...
  • Microsoft announces the release of the Zune.
Have a good week everyone!!!

Keep it scene in the city.