October 14, 2006

Well I can't believe that October is pretty much half over. This month is going by so fast. Not too much to report on recently. Went back to Westford for Coulumbus Day weekend and it was totally worth it. Living in the city made me really appreciate fall and everything that comes with it. Oh and the whole seeing my friends thing... that was excellent too.

I'm not sure whether everyone has heard by now, but Wednesday was a little scary here in NYC. A small plane, piloted by Yankee's pitcher Cory Lidle, crashed into a building on 72nd and York. At the time I was in class on 71st, which is about three blocks away. People were going pretty crazy in the streets when I got out of class. Tons of police, medical people, sirens, and helicopters. When I was walking back to the dorm I could even see the smoke from the building. Pretty crazy but everything is cool. Thanks to all those who called to see if I was ok.

Kim was in town this weekend so we did so much stuff. We walked all over the East Village, Greenwich Village, Washington Square Park, Union Square, SoHo, 5th Ave, Central Park, and made it up to Columbia to visit Nick. It was fun because this was the first time I've really had the chance to show someone around the city. Thursday was Mary's birthday so we decided to go to a Broadway show, our first since arriving in the city. We settled on The Wedding Singer because we could get student rush tickets for $25. It was a fun show, nothing spectacular, but worth $25 not full price. Stephen Lynch was excellent, however once he leaves I can't see the show sticking around much longer.

Oh and on the way to the show we happened to run into ROSARIO DAWSON. That woman is simply gorgeous and looked even better in person. She was just on her cell phone in front of some building that we walked by and the four of us were in shock.

Last night we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge into Brooklyn and got some delicious cheesecake from the world famous Junior's. The view from the bridge was amazing. Today Tex, Kim and I went to the MET. I really like going there and will definately do it more often since I'm a member.

Lastly... for all of you energy drink fans, I have great news for you. The newest drink to hit the market is only available in Manhattan. Oh and it's called Cocaine. I have yet to get my hands on this but I'll let you know when I do. I'm also taking orders starting with Scott. Who needs a fix???

Keep it scene in the city.


Anonymous said...

glad you are having fun in NYC! we miss you here though! so glad i got to see you when you came home last weekend!
i miss ya maj.

-Maggie (Doc)

sat said...


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