September 22, 2006

This week seemed to go by pretty fast. Two shows this week, both were pretty awesome. Tuesday night Ashli and I headed to the Knitting Factory for Cobra Starship and Gym Class Heroes. Now I will admit that I only know one song between the two bands (Snakes On A Plane (Bring It)) but Ashli had an extra ticket and offered it to me so I took it. Overall I had a good time and got to dance so no complaints. Cobra Starship rocked and the song was excellent. Gym Class Heroes were better than I thought they would be and they ended their set with a good cover of Under The Bridge by the Chili Peppers.

Thursday night Griffin and I made our way to CBGBs for The Dead Kennedys. Before the show even started I knew it was going to be a good night. One of the most influencial punk bands playing the most historic and important punk/underground rock venue. While I waited for Griffin outside the club I met a really cool couple who must have been in their mid-50s. They told me all these stories about when they used to be regulars at CBGBs and all the old bands they had seen back in the day. Then when Griffin arrived I got a phone call from Jen saying she couldn't make it so we sold her ticket to a guy named Noam. It was his last week in the US before he has to go back to Israel to join the army and he had some pretty cool stories. At a little after 8:00 we made our way inside and the first bands got started. The Welsh Boys were good. False Prophets was the name of the second band I think. They might have been the craziest band I have ever seen. Now I'm not sure of the "P.C." way to say this, but their drummer had a bad arm that he couldn't really move and he couldn't really walk without hopping, but he banged the drums like no ones business. One of the guitar players sounded like Ozzy Osbourne when he talked and the lead singer had hair similar to my length (beatles-esque) with the exception of one dred which went to his ass. They were quite the package. After that was The Generators, a punk band out of LA that I highly suggest if you're into that kind of music. They put on a really good show. Then it was time for DK. This by far had to be one of the best punk shows I've ever seen. The guys still rocked like it was 1981 and played with as much fury as I have ever seen. The crowd ate it up. One of the most insane pits I've ever witnessed. I spent the entire set infront of the stage, you can see the imprints of the lip of the stage if you want proof because they are still engrained in my thighs. I was pretty sure the building was going to explode the second the band went into "Nazi Punks Fuckk Off." Since the place is closing in about a week or two the band did lots of farewell stuff including their version of "Sweet Home Alabama" which was turned into "Sweet Home CBGB." After the show I got to meet the members of the band and turns out they're really awesome and down to earth. Who says punks are mean? The drummer even gave me one of sticks that he used during the show.

Overall a great night (and week) and probs my only chance to ever see a show at CBGB. Definately worth the years of waiting I've done. Such a shame that place is getting shut down. However, there are still a few more shows so if you can you should really try and see one there, just for the experience. The CBGB's website has a listing of the remaing stuff.

Hope everyone else is doing well and have a great weekend!!!

Keep it scene in the city.

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